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220AH 12V Flooded Deep Cycle Battery

Giant Power Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries feature lead calcium expanded grids (Lead Calcium Technology) for improved resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, self discharge and thermal runaway, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries. The 220Ah is specifically for Deep Cycle purposes but can also crank at 1200CCA. As with all of our batteries, they are completely sealed and maintenance free.


  • Built in hydrometer – Indicates state of charge.
  • Factory-sealed – maintenance free.
  • Polypropylene case – Reinforced design for vibration resistance. This strong durable material combines light weight with high impact strength.
  • Liquid-gas separator area – Returns liquid to reservoir for longer life.
  • Integrated or rope handle – For ease of transport and installation.
  • Flame arrester – Safety system, prevents explosion from sparks outside the battery, minimises acid leakage, prevents inflow of dust.
  • Heat sealed covers – Helps prevent electrolyte contamination and increase case strength.
  • Centered cast on plate strap – Stronger than thinner gas-burned conventional connectors.
  • Low resistance envelope separators – Encapsulated negative plates help to prevent shorting / treeing between negative and positive plates as well as aid vibration durability.
  • Increased battery shelf life - Compared to conventional batteries, up to 12 months shelf life without charging due to the use of calcium / calcium grids.
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220AH 12V Flooded Deep Cycle Battery
Dimensions Approx. 515mm L x 265mm W x 220mm H
Weight Approx. 55kg
Cranking Capacity 1200 CCA
Nominal Capacity 220AH
Nominal Voltage 12V
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2 year battery warranty - 1 year full replacement warranty with 12 month pro-rata replacement warranty

How to Make a Warranty Claim

If you believe your product is faulty or defective due to improper manufacturing or construction, please follow these steps to make a warranty claim:

  • Contact regarding the details of the faulty product. We will try to confirm whether or not the product is indeed faulty through simple testing, however you may be required to return the product to us at your cost for more advanced testing.
  • Once the product has been confirmed to be faulty, we will repair or replace it under the terms of the relevant warranty. Fees may apply for pro rata warranties or transport costs to send a replaced or repaired product.

For more information, please read our full warranty policy here

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Completely sealed and maintenance free deep cycle battery with lead calcium technology

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